How To Create Awareness For Your Brand – Brand Awareness

How To Create Awareness For Your Brand – Brand Awareness

we should be live. yay I think I did it right
for once okay so this livestream should be live unless his check can I hear
myself I am vlogging brandy for those of you that don’t know me and I wanted to
go live one because I’m traveling today and I just haven’t had time to sit down
and edit a really polished video plus a lot of people have told me to come on
live and just kind of help boost your channel so that was another reason and
plus I really like to engage with everybody I’ve read all your comments
and I really wanted to just get on here and let me close out this email before
it annoys me so thank you everyone for all of your support and hello from
Canada I’m just getting started on here so if there’s any issues let me know but
I’m not on my big computer so I’m having to just kind of go down here some I’ll
leave this chat but I’m gonna see if you can see this from Vegas I don’t it’s
gonna be really bright but I am here in Vegas let’s see that’s the Vegas Strip
mmm I don’t know if you can see that or not
so there’s Treasure Island and I’ll have some pictures and stuff but I went to
social media marketing world that I mentioned in my last couple videos which
I’ll be linking to all the stuff that I talked about down below plus you’re
gonna want to subscribe because I have met some really awesome people
while I was at social media marketing world it was such a new
experience and all the people that you watch on YouTube that a lot of you there
in the marketing space that kind of follow me for your business and branding
and even your YouTube tips it was just really surreal to meet them and so I
wanted to share with you a lot of the tips that I learned or at least the main
ones that kind of stuck out to me on here hey Matt Matt aren’t you in Vegas
cuz I’m in Vegas I’m pretty sure you’re in Vegas if so I’m still here tonight so
make sure and hit me up because we met last time I was here so we’re going to
probably Taco Tuesday today but good to see you and thanks for joining us so how
to increase your brand awareness this was something when I came to this
networking event this past week I had no idea really what I was getting myself
into or what I was gonna be doing so I just kind of said you know what I’m just
gonna start asking questions and then I’m going to kind of go from there and
see what comes of it so the first day I got there kind of early and I started
talking to people and randomly of course you wouldn’t think being on early is a
good thing but it was in my case because I got to meet Derral Eve’s I’m not sure
if any of you know him he’s a huge youtuber and I’m trying to get this
screen so I know that I’m not talking to wind or that you can see me so sorry I
finally perfected going live on YouTube so talk to a bunch of different
influencers rain into Derral Eve’s and Carlos Gill and sunny and Amy LAN Tino
and so many people that I follow online so I am super excited to start sharing
some of those interviews I want to go through them and really kind of go back
and see all of the great stuff they were telling me cuz I was more focused on
make sure I look at the camera make sure I don’t sound stupid asking
them a bunch of random questions and really just trying to learn and be
in the experience that I was there so one of the things that was brought to my
attention and something that I’ve been trying to do was to write a book and if
a lot of you haven’t noticed the people that you follow online they have some
type of book a lot of them will have tutorials out but the one strategy that
I’ve been thinking about a lot is getting my book out I mentioned this the
end of last year and of course everything comes up which is no excuse
because if you say you’re gonna do something you should definitely do it
and I got ready to put my book out and just it didn’t work out but I’ve always
kind of left it there and it’s been in the back of my mind and when I was at
social media marketing world they mentioned a book a book a book and I
started noticing just about everybody there had a book out so if you think
about it a book is really cheap it’s about 10 bucks you can do
self-publishing even if it’s not amazing just putting something out there is
going to give you recognition it’s almost like a business card and even if
people don’t read it most people will spend $10 on something and invest in
themselves you can convince them to spend $9.99 on themselves or $30 on
themselves versus $100 when you’re trying to sell them maybe a tutorial or
your type of consulting fees are a product service whatever it is I also
have a product I’ve talked to y’all about this before which is my energy
patches they’re very small they’re easy to put new envelope they are killing it
on Amazon right now and it’s all because of creating brand awareness around that
and people are willing to try like the sample and then go on to the newer thing
but having something tangible that people can try and see and feel and know
that they’re a part of your brand it’s a lot easier to sell them on something
bigger lighter so like with my energy patch it’s not necessarily a book but we
can get them on a mail with some type of either trial size and
then they we try to sell them on something bigger something bigger or
book number two minute lab that’s great I’m super excited I can’t wait to check
it out and if you self-publish let me know I’m looking into that so that’s
gonna be a new strategy but selling your product or selling a book either way
it’s about bringing awareness of your brain and getting them to a bigger buy
eventually later on and the one thing I think people forget about is that you’re
not always selling so when I was at social media marketing world one thing
that they weren’t allowed to do is sell you on their service unless they were a
sponsor at the networking Plaza but if they were a speaker they weren’t allowed
to pitch you on their product they were allowed to ask you to be on their email
list and join kind of like their brand and learn from there but as far as the
direct sale like hey I have a book go buy this they weren’t really supposed to
be selling on those things so these are just things that are kind of gathered
from them so the other thing is a lot of people that follow me are also on
YouTube or want to start a YouTube channel or you should start a YouTube
channel video marketing in general because it’s putting a face with the
brand and if you’re gonna work for any company directly or indirectly normally
you’re gonna be talking to them face to face so why wouldn’t you do video
marketing it’s really the new thing that’s gonna dominate the market or
another business is gonna dominate over you so going live once a week was a big
thing that all of the youtubers told me was a really good strategy and so I
forgot to totally turn my phone off sorry all um but we’re doing it we’re
showing up because I said I was gonna show up and it’s actually a great time
here I think it’s way lighter on the East Coast where I would normally be but
distractions turn off your distractions when you go live new tip going live once
a week is gonna help your watch time and it’s also gonna help engage with your
viewers so maybe you do a video that’s around really
SEO heavy content something to do with your brand directly answering questions
that you get asked and then maybe you do a follow-up on say Thursday and go from
there so I’m trying to read your comments and not get distracted so I’m
gonna read your comments in just a minute
follow-up on contact so that was another thing make sure that you’re always
following up and do it right after you meet someone so that you’re fresh in
their mind same thing with your email marketing
it’s this it’s like networking when someone meets you on social media or out
somewhere or they just see your opt-in they come across it then you show up in
an email and you say hey Here I am you try to encourage them to go on
social media and it all works in a big circle for those of you that are writing
a book I really love this strategy about vlogging about your book not just about
answering questions because you could have like a really niche strategy for
your book but like a meal and Dino did this with her how to vlog like a boss
and I kind of mentioned this that didn’t go into detail on one of my last videos
it was a really cool strategy you got to see behind the scenes and she released
the title and she just really talked about the overall process of not only
writing the book but different topics she blogged about in the book so the
book was about vlogging and she blogged about how the book came to me in this
strategy for doing it so it was a really cool strategy and I’ve seen some other
people do it so it’s a really good way to put a video and a face behind the
brand what else the biggest thing everybody says it is
to niche down and find your niche and your audience so I have learned I know
somebody watching in here does Joomla tutorials hopefully I don’t butcher that
word completely but I use WordPress and if somebody did all WordPress are all
Twitter tutorials or all YouTube tutorials it’s a niche for me I really
want to start an a channel and everybody keeps saying why
don’t you do it well if you knew my RV story you’d know why but I know that it
would probably take off really well so that might be in the making I’ve tried
to incorporate it into this channel with my business and branding kind of tips
but it just hasn’t always worked out and I really want to share more with you
that probably those of you that are watching wouldn’t necessarily care about
that is more how-to tutorials with my RV not just vlogging about my strata Monday
and what’s going on so if that happens maybe sometime soon hopefully once it
warms up and I can do winter as an RV that might become something and I’ve
been thinking about taking it to Vegas so maybe we’ll take the RV to Vegas so
maybe we’ll come back here to Vegas what else the biggest thing is planning out
your videos and either way just showing up being being consistent so like today
I always usually publish videos on Tuesday if I if I can get another one
out my goal is to do three-week Jumilla great so my goal is to do three videos a
week around business branding and vlogging kind of about how I’ve built
this brand as well as if the book happens which the book will happen is
something if it happens it will happen is just I’m trying to plan out the exact
date because I have a lot going into it and I’ve got a whole strategy to go with
it and so planning my videos right now is gonna be surrounded around the book
idea that was kind of solidified at social media marketing world one of the
creators kind of mentioned to me that that was a really good way to get a
start even if it wasn’t amazing so I’m gonna kind of run with that what else
scheduling out your social if I do more videos I don’t feel like you have to
schedule your social as much and the more I schedule like a scheduled black
speak out when I did the how-to Network video because I knew I was gonna be
networking and commenting about social media marketing world so I wanted people
to look at the video and say oh how to network and I’m an a networking event so
that was something that I’ve strategically did I actually kind of
changed around my video schedule and said hey you know what I have this great
idea and actually um one of my girlfriends gave me the idea so thank
you Ray for the idea because it really went off well got a lot of great
comments a lot of people that contacted me and a lot of really good interviews
and talking to people from the conference so scheduling out and showing
up for your videos is or any social content
you can’t go silent on social and that’s one thing I try really hard not to do if
you have your live stories like on Instagram if you’re at an event Twitter
normally they have a hashtag so sharing that on Twitter is gonna be a really
good way to stay connected what else another thing I don’t feel like a lot of
people do is go back and review your analytics from every platform from
Twitter Facebook YouTube whichever one your largest on of course start there
Instagram your video Mart not video marketing email marketing make sure that
you go back and see are people opening your emails are people watching your
videos are they doing what you want them to do I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve looked back and say oh my gosh that wasn’t working or just when I did this
other video a couple weeks ago how-to was a social calendar
I just set it up I tested it that morning it was working fine but as the
day gets busier these systems that I use may not keep up with how many people I
didn’t realize how many people I actually downloaded the calendar so I
turned off notifications and these were having a huge lag time so
I went back to my lead page that I have this setup on and I changed the little
title and said hey please give this 24 hours because it may take a minute for
it to get to you or you know be patient for your download but it would have been
from had not reviewed I was able to see in my active campaign is what I use
right now for my email marketing I wouldn’t have
known that something was wrong or that people weren’t getting in this download
and I actually looked back at other people’s YouTube videos and they had
this same issue so just something to be aware of when you’re trying to create a
brand you want to be consistent overall but you want to be consistent in your
posting you want to be consistent and how people portray you as in if she’s
gonna give me something I know it’s gonna be working I’m not just gonna be
throwing stuff at the wind so reviewing back even the videos that you’re putting
out I know a lot of us do videos here and you want to look back and say are
these videos consistent with my brand strategy when I was getting ready to
name this video and do my SEO for the title and the tags I wanted to name it
something about how to get more subscribe get paid on YouTube without
any subscribers because people seem to think that you have to have subscribers
in order to get paid and it’s kind of the exact opposite and I have to keep
telling myself all the time you’re not aiming for subscribers right now you’re
aiming for emails and getting people on your email list because that’s more of
what my YouTube strategy is which is to get them on to one of my opt-ins to warm
up their relationships see what their issues are what their problems are and
how I can help them later on so it’s building a brand strategy and this video
when I came up with the title I took me almost freakin all day but it’s probably
because I’m kind of on vacation kind of not in kind of three hours behind here
so just not on my normal I don’t work on my laptop I have a huge computer home
but I had to change the title because I said okay
telling people how to get youtube subscribers really go with my overall
branding strategy of my channel and not that it doesn’t cuz I feel feel like you
can still kind of talk about those things because they all have to do with
the overall picture but I wanted to make sure that all my titles start to revolve
around branding because that’s more so at my channel it’s about branding on
Twitter branding on Instagram branding on YouTube
branding overall – your colors fonts logos things like that because those
have honestly by looking back gotten the most activity on my channel and that
goes from looking back so what else like I said checking email responding to
email um not the best eye responding to email but I’m trying and I am hiring
help so that oh and speaking of hiring the one thing that these creators and by
the way I keep looking down because I have my notes here from what all I want
to talk about but the other thing I learned from social media marketing
world was all of these people said you should work for free and I hate to say
it but even when I was in college the one thing I wish that I would have done
is not worried about the money when I was doing my internships but worried
about the experience because I only wanted internships that paid me and once
I got into those internships I mean look at me now I’m making YouTube videos
about business and branding and my degree that I went to school for
originally was accounting and then I got an internship in accounting thank God
and realized it was really boring and I didn’t want to be an accountant so I
switched my manager to finance and I have some other degrees but it just
kind of trickled down from there but it all started from being an intern and
even taking jobs I’ve looked at businesses that I’ve started if you’ll
work for free or just ask somebody hey can I help you out with this even if
it’s just a project it doesn’t have to be overall for them and it doesn’t have
to be full-time it could just be hey I’m really good at this
can I help you out with creating your thumbnails for you or if you notice a
brand is struggling maybe they don’t have a really good website maybe you’re
amazing and starting websites maybe you throw them together a website and just
say I mean I heard Gary Vee say this one time about reaching out to people in
Instagram and he was saying I think it was hit like five or six hundred people
a day and just like go to a hashtag and say it’s RV maybe you’re into RVing or
camping and so you look for all the people are talking about it and if
they’re having business maybe you write them and you say look if you check their
website first and if it’s a crappy website you respond to them and say hey
I was looking at your website and no one saying it looks like crap I can do a
hundred times better and he really said put it really blinding to people because
most people won’t be that honest and so that’s why I’m saying just make sure
that you’re reaching out to people and letting people know what you’re capable
of especially when you’re just starting out or trying to get some type of
recognition because I have gotten the biggest clients from people finding me
on YouTube and just trying to talk to me about their businesses they heard
something I said that maybe triggered something people really fall in love
with your brand your personality who you are they love watching your videos I
mean why do you watch my videos it’s because you can relate to me so that was
a really big turning point at the event is just reminding me that I’m not too
good to also work for free especially if I’m trying to break into a certain space
and it’s something I’m probably gonna have to work on cuz my ego I don’t want
to have an ego but I do have that thing like oh I’m not gonna work
for anybody else like I’m my own boss but I do have to remember that I’m still
not you know I don’t have a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube so I
can’t say that as my proof all I can do is show people people that I’ve worked
with in my resume and that’s why I put a lot of videos out on YouTube about
personal branding and just my skills in general because I want people to find me
for those skills and hopefully either they sign up for one of my courses
now since being told to write this book and finally get it out I’m gonna be
having that out so this is all gonna be part of my strategy to get people to buy
you know the next thing in the next thing and that’s another thing with
branding people try to say okay I want to be a personal brand or do I want to
be a business brand and I can tell you something I kind of learned and it
wasn’t me that named it so I probably would have thought a little bit more
about this but this is something that’s come up so the energy patch that I sell
it’s called eight-hour energy patches and once I started marketing and getting
behind it I started to learn people aren’t looking for eight-hour energy
back just they’re just looking for energy patches I started doing some more
SEO and just figuring out what kind of triggers people to buy and the other
problem that comes with naming a business so niche is when you try to
come out with maybe eight hours sleep patches or 8 hour diet patches it’s all
going to have to be under that same name so the problem with that was it wasn’t
just a website it was the whole social media so all the social media is 8 hour
energy or 8 hour energy patches and some of it is 8 like the number 8 and then
some is done with the word a all of those can be a little tricky some you
can change lighter and some you can’t so when you start out with something
like my name brandy I went to blog and brandy I told a story about this made a
video about this about how I got my name you go watch that on my channel but it
came from somebody make fun of me about blogging and it turned
into something bigger but I looked up all this yeah it was available all the
Twitter handles Facebook Instagram was available so I chose that name and I
knew that I was gonna have something more than just a product I mean I’m not
gonna have something called blog and Brandie what am I gonna sell that is
I’ll probably have merchandise at some point I mean hopefully you know I get
that big but I’ll have my course that I’ve sold in the past the book that I’m
talking about and so much more to go underneath my name so if you’re trying
to be a personal brand you would want to go with your name and not something
strange because you’re gonna have tons of products underneath that and when
people go to look you up and they say oh blog and Randy did that or hosted by
blog and Randy they’re able to find you same thing with your YouTube video
trailer so your main video for your youtube if you look at mine it’s called
blog and Brandi it might say – YouTube but I named it blog and Brandi so when
people search Google or search YouTube they automatically see blog and brainie
and then they can see I can separate things by playlists or say I have
different categories I can honestly I could create like an RVing
playlist and a business playlist I could do tons of different things but to grow
on YouTube you really want to have a very nice channel I’ve learned that by
watching people if any of you go look up Linda Raynor she’s she does a career
Channel and my legs are falling asleep and it’s really good she only did maybe
36 videos and she’s got like a hundred and over a hundred thousand subscribers
in less than a year and she started with 50 subscribers so her channel is so
niche and everything is about career advice how to get a better job
it is the mom so I go look at her all the time to try to copy some stuff that
she’s doing in my own because I don’t talk about career boss but what else so
how to create brand awareness the other thing that I was told by one of the
creators what well there was two tricks so if you’re on YouTube a really good
trick to get more video content out is to think about what video you launched
last and go through the comments and actually do a video following up and
loop for this I’m not like way down here do a video following up on the comments
so read your comments and say and even if they’re bad it could be like a bad
comment but it could be how you really feel when you respond to people and read
that out as a video referencing back to it kind of like have reference back to
some of the videos as I’ve been talking to you today just say like say I did how
to network and then I went through my comments and I did a video saying I mean
it could be anything but you’d want to title it something similar but you could
put out a second video about networking related to that and you’d really just be
reviewing the comments for that video answering people’s questions on you can
do it live which would be awesome and drive people back to the video or you
could just do a follow-up video I would think doing it live is a really good
idea we’re even doing some type of live tutorial that is related to that video
maybe it’s something on screen where you’re showing somebody those are all
really good ways to reference other videos and include engage people make
sure if people ask for something in the comments that you let them know and
people really like to be called out so when people join say your live stream
you will want to let them know hey I see you and really connect with them because
people are way more likely to stay on for the stream when they feel like
they’re a part of it with you so going live and I may do something April is
vlog every day in April its Veda for those of you don’t know who and I really
like it because anytime you have vlogmas slog every day in April and then there’s
a Veda for August vlog every day in August
it really helps you learn your strategy when you vlog a lot more even if it’s
not 100% every time or the top-ranked video just getting out there and
learning and getting a name out there for yourself and being relatable being
real with your audience so what else last but not least is
planning new conferences so one big thing that I learned from the creator’s
was they said that I’m not even gonna share like how much but they mentioned
that they spent a lot of money going out investing in themselves and this is
money where it’s not necessarily cash that you have available it’s debt that
you might have to go into to put yourself in a better place so you wanted
to put a book out I mean wouldn’t you invest in the publishing tools or
whatever is available maybe need to editor to get that book out for you same
thing with your videos I was thinking about going to some different
conferences so when I went to social media marketing world this past week I
thought that it was gonna be and I actually heard other people say this hey
we thought it was gonna be be people walking around with like their phones
you know vlogging everywhere and it really wasn’t um I put my phone on and
people were looking at me like I was weird when I was vlogging and I had
someone holding a camera and I was actually recording my audio on my phone
so it was an interesting event but it’s funny to see people looking at me like I
was weird for videoing and it kind of made me feel a little bit cool you know
because I was like I’m the only person videoing over here so I’ve spent my time
connecting with creators and getting interviews and just kind of learning the
ropes around there and how people do it and it was surprising to hear a lot of
them say it was their first year there their first year speaking that they were
invited there and mostly have very successful either YouTube
channels or businesses so it’s really good to connect with these people and
just start a relationship you may not have they may not you know buy your
product or promote you right at that time but you have one thing I did learn
is that if you don’t take a selfie it’s not real so that’s the saying so I try
to make sure I got a selfie or picture of everything that I want to tell you
about so it’s really funny when I’m gonna start sharing these videos and go
back and review them I guess I’m traveling right now so it’s kind of hard
to go through everything but and I bought a car so I’m actually traveling
with this car from California now we’re in Vegas and now we have to make it from
Vegas to go get my dogs in Alabama and then to Atlanta so we still have like 30
hours to drive it’s gonna be fun so I’m trying to vlog along the way some of it
I’m trying to share on social media and I will hopefully do some follow-up
vlogging maybe be able to share some of this stuff more so in April by the time
I’m able to go through it all cuz I thought like 20 or 30 really amazing
interviews with people you all will be thinking oh my gosh how did she get to
talk to this person and I’m just super excited like I’m trying not to share
everybody’s and I’m not really trying to be a name-dropper it was just so
exciting to see these people in person and really connect with them and get to
ask them questions especially after I have put out about how to network video
and then I got to network with all the people that I’ve been trying to network
with so you don’t forget that you can network with people indirectly as well
so you might have seen that I put the video out about how to network and it
featured Sonny Lenoir doozy because I love Sonny and she’s really helped me so
much with my business and I love her channel and every time I talk to her
she’s just always there she’s just such a really good personal brand to be a
part of and learn from and then also I did one about how to vlog like a boss
that I mentioned with Amy Allen you know and I finally got to meet Amy
face-to-face and of course I cried and it was just so much fun to really have I
want to say closure but it was really fun to see the staff come full circle so
I can’t wait to share that with you I’ve got so much stuff to go through and just
kind of go back and implement in my business and like I said I’m gonna try
to start doing more videos it’ll probably be if I can get to three a week
I’d really like that hopefully strategize more towards branding and SEO
my content that way to kind of get a little bit more steam going cuz I’m
really close to 500 subscribers if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe and
I just am so excited to kind of share all of this stuff that I’m learning and
help you bring more awareness to your brand and if you haven’t checked out my
branding kit I’m putting that down below and if you can’t see this subscription a
description it will be here after the video the way that YouTube works at
least when I get done with this is this goes as unlisted and then I have to
relist it and then you can comment so your comments kind of go away in a way
but they’ll be there shortly and you can recom en’t
and share them and oh my branding kit so I’m sharing my branding kit I’m still
adding to it as I get more questions so please let me know if you’re struggling
with certain things in your business if it’s branding for a certain social
platform or branding for your website it could be your YouTube thumbnails
whatever you’re struggling with I want to hear questions that you have but my
branding kit helps you kind of show where I go to get my fonts and what’s
important I like colors fonts what else there’s like 10 I think there’s 10
different things on there but your social media colors fonts logo your
brand name I did a video about choosing a brand name a while back and
I was gonna make an updated one on that but you can get my branding kit down in
the description below and I’ll be publishing that in this video and let me
make sure I read your comments because I said I was gonna read them of course I
did go with creates and thank you for joining everybody and everyone that has
joined I did go with create space and amazing Amazon company service okay I
want to say I’ve heard of create space but I’m not sure I think I’ve heard
somebody else mention that I actually keep getting these emails from Kendall
doing self-publishing so I don’t know CreateSpace does everything for you
there is another one that I ran into at social media marketing world it was
called I think I was actually called this self-publishing school so that’s
another one to maybe check out but I’ll have to look at some of these because
I’m still I’ve just saved the email and not done anything with it
what else Jumilla I said it correctly that’s good I do I do pay attention to
your videos I read even though I know I don’t use it I use WordPress and I’ll
probably like always use WordPress but it’s interesting learning about Joomla
leave the dark side and switch to Gmail I probably won’t do that but maybe one
day as of right now I’m not sure bunny is a good option there was I can’t
remember somebody tried to give me on one I don’t know if it was Joomla but
they said something they tell me it was more popular than WordPress and I was
like I don’t know I’ve never even heard of this they talked it was something
they were teaching in school I wish I remember the name of it well YouTube
just made changes so comments during live streams are now saved
they will play back with the video if you want that’s good I hope that they
play back when I save this and it doesn’t get janky because I have finally
successfully went live didn’t have a lag was able to share it on social the last time I did this I think the
screen was weird because I had done a livestream on Facebook before so I
didn’t realize I needed to adjust the screen so I worked really hard to make
sure this came out perfect today not that it really matters just showing up
matters but I’m glad that everyone is here and I can’t wait to play this back
cuz now that I can do it I can go live more often and be on point when I do it
so what else I think that’s pretty much everything again subscribe if I didn’t
I’m so sorry for anybody that was trying to connect with me on social media
marketing world speaking of building brand awareness is that I didn’t get to
connect with some people so I am gonna try to follow up with everybody and soon
like this week during my travels and I just wanted to make sure I at least got
on here and at least put out this video so hopefully Sunday going forward maybe
I can start doing Sunday Tuesday Thursday videos from what I’ve
researched but either way I will always be publishing on Tuesdays every week if
everything goes well I actually have my calendar scheduled out for the first
quarter and then like I said April my goal is to do vlog every day in April so
if there’s any topics that you want me to cover or anything that I haven’t
covered that’s a really good time for me to maybe branch out and try things that
I can’t normally put on my channel because it’s vlogging everyday and
people really like to kind of see behind the scenes if there’s something in my
business that you want to learn about I do sell a product on Amazon like I
mentioned the eight hour energy patches it’s a really been a crazy last couple
months of getting that on board we’ve gone through rebranding the whole thing
the whole I’m losing my voice no Melissa my trainings all rebranding the whole
listing on Amazon so we had one before but then we decided to
you kind of branch out and we’re trying to do a subscription model and just
basically kind of recreate what we have on our website but it’s just been
refined of fun going through that process and strategy of what people are
willing to buy and what people are asking and going through the feedback so
that might be a fun video is reading the feedback that we get from people so
let’s see if I can show you Vegas again maybe the Suns kind of gone down I don’t
know if we can see it let’s see if I can do this for us
we’re on my laptop but maybe y’all can see this trip so that’s the Vegas trip
we got a really pretty room and then we had the win over here the lighting in
here is horrible but you might be able to see it so that’s the wind the
mountains and it’s just so in the stratosphere maybe you can see that I
don’t know if you can probably know it but I tried so I’m so excited that
everybody joined this livestream and for everybody that’s watching it back like I
said it’s gonna go down as unlisted I will make sure that this is everything’s
good on it and either re-upload it or publish it whatever it’s called on here
and if you have any questions I can kind of add either to the channel or if
you’re thinking about something you want me to vlog about during Veda vlog every
day in April let me know because I’m always looking for suggestions for that
and we will be going to hopefully three videos a week starting next week so I’m
always excited to hear your questions and don’t forget to subscribe I will see
everyone next week if not sooner I don’t know if I get some time I might
vlog before then or if I get a chance to go through my content but like I said
I’m driving most of this week so it’s gonna be catching up
and doing so much catch up with emails and social so follow me on Twitter and
Instagram because I try to update my stories when I’m traveling and I’ll be
going a lot of fun places I’ve done a lot in Vegas this we got here Friday so
I’ve been here since Friday and then I think we leave tomorrow we were gonna
leave today but then it was just so much fun that we decided to stay an extra day
so we’re still here I will see you Tuesday if I don’t see you before then
I’m vlogging Brandi where you can find tons of free resources to help you brand
your business don’t forget to subscribe and I will see y’all next week thanks
for joining everybody I hope y’all have a great rest of your day

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  • Thanks for watching and joining me live sharing my brand awareness tips! πŸ™‹ Do you have any tips for How To Create Awareness For Your Brand?

  • Awesome! I love that you did a live stream all about how to create awareness for your brand. Loving it!

  • Love that you did a live stream! WAY TO GO!!!!! Creating awareness for your brand! πŸ™‚ ~Elizabeth … PS love your honesty πŸ™‚

  • You're more than welcome bestie 😊.
    'Oh, I'm not going to work for anybody else. Like, I'm my own boss.' – Brandi
    This is honestly how I feel majority of the time, but it's always good to still help others and building connections. Working for free can be tough because people are worried about how their going to pay their bills and eat. Not knocking offering free help, you never know what possible opportunities are in store by doing so. It's worth doing, having a connection in the long run can generate future business.

  • Great video, I totally think that you should publish and sell your book it's definitely a great tool for self promotion. Keep up the great work. πŸ™‚

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