Marketers, Don’t Neglect YouTubers! Social Media Minute

Marketers, Don’t Neglect YouTubers! Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. What should marketers
know about YouTubers? I often talk to marketers
and they tell me, these YouTubers,
they’re just a new thing, they’re out there
with very young audiences etc., we shouldn’t pay attention to them. You’d be absolutely wrong. YouTubers are one of the strongest shifts
in today’s generation, going cross-platform. We’ve seen celebrities go from YouTube
to Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, to Live Facebook Video. This thing is a cross-generational,
cross-content, cross-influencer thing. These new type YouTuber celebrities
are crossing as normal celebrities, and the normal celebrities are crossing
to become social media type celebrities. But mark my words, this is going to be
in the next 2-3 years the biggest thing, and for brands
there’s a clear recommendation. Work with these guys, experiment,
try very light placements of a product. Not something that the YouTuber
drinks or eats every day. Something subtle and clever. Make sure you give the creative freedom
to these artists to make them. They’re great
at engaging their community and they’ll probably know
how to do it better. Thanks and keep subscribing to our
Social Media Minute every Monday morning.

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